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Waiting for the Dreamcast

August 1, 1999

This last month before the Dreamcast is released in the U.S. can be very hard, especially if you start having visions about Soul Calibur in the middle of the day. While I cannot do anything to make the visions go away, I can offer a few suggestions about what to do to stay occupied until September 9.

Get A's in all the levels in NiGHTS.

Win with all the generals in Dragon Force.

Rescue all the victims in Burning Rangers.

Get all the hidden characters in Shining Force III.

Get all the pieces for the ultimate dragon in Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Unlock all the movies in Last Bronx.

Win on all the tracks in Daytona USA.

Place the Tempest 2000 disc in your stereo system and listen to the tracks (remember, don't listen to track 1).

Get the good ending and all the bugs in D.

Play with all the characters in Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Get all the amulets in Rayearth.

Collect all eight parts of the transmitter in Power Slave.

See how far you can get on Die Hard Arcade without playing the submarine game first.

Rescue all the hostages in Metal Slug. Or even better, do like I do, and try not to rescue anyone.

Finish DoDonPachi without using any continues.

If you have done all these things already, then you are a much better player that I am. Go ahead and import the Dreamcast.


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